Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared this FAQ to provide answers to common questions submitted by our clients. Please feel free to contact us using at or using of Support Center if you can't find the answer for your question.

When you have completed the requirements for your course, the "Your (Course Name) Certificate" section will be visible on the Course Page. You will find the link to your certificate in this section where you will be given the option to download your certificate.

Course Page with Certificate Section Visible

You can obtain and see a list of all your certificates by going to your My Certificates page within the Training Portal.

Certificates Prior to 2017

Please contact our Support Center or email us at with your username and the name of the course you are requesting a certificate for.

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The preferred browser to use with our courses is Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer.

We have had numerous support request from our users while using browsers other than Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer due to JavaScript errors and other browser related issues. These issues are difficult to impossible to reproduce to successfully troubleshoot by our Support Center.

We do; however, successfully test the course in the following browsers (using default settings and no additional plugins): Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Use of browsers other than Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer is not advisable. If you are using other browsers besides Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer and experience errors or issues with the course, please attempt to use Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer.

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The course is designed to be completed at your own pace. However, there are timers at each chapter to ensure we comply with the state's time requirement. If you log out before the chapter's timer (located at the top of the each page) has expired, the course will not retain your previous time and your timer will start over for that chapter the next time you log in.

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